Rethinking alkaline electrolysis. because the climate changes are happening now - and so should technological innovations.

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Sustainability of tomorrow

Nordic Hydrogen

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Nordic Hydrogen


Our mission is to make green hydrogen an available option to decarbonize.


Our vision is to create a sustainable industry, in order to maintain our lifestyle at the same time as taking care of our climate.

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Nordic Hydrogen

What We Offer

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Improved Water Control

Rethinking the design of electrolysis has allowed us to improve the water control system - resulting in cost reduction for the end user.


Space and Weight Optimization

Our alkaline electrolysis design can fit up to 40 % more capacity in a 40-foot container, compared to conventional systems. By the use of carefully selected materials, this design results in a weight reduction of 30 %.

Offshore Wind Power and Wind Turbines in the Ocean


Our innovative design is ideal for incorporation in offshore wind turbines, allowing for wind-to-hydrogen units.

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Nordic Hydrogen

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Stay tuned for more information and news on our road to decarbonization.

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Nordic Hydrogen

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